Cost performance of battery

    Do you want a good price? Or good quality? How to balance the two? This is a problem!

    Battery capacity, uniformity and storage performance

    All kinds of brand batteries boast of their own good. As a user, how can you find a stable and pragmatic partner? Which functions should you pay attention to?

    Working conditions and discharge platform of battery

    All kinds of batteries are like different athletes. Some of them practice sprinting, some of them attack long-distance running, and some of them are all-around. How can you combine the design function of your own products to find a special athlete for you?

    Connection mode of battery and product / PCB

    Different product functions require different connection methods. Is battery holder used? Battery buckle? Or solder cell? Apart from the consideration of size and space, different connection modes have different effects on battery performance, do you know?

    What should be paid attention to when selecting pin pin pin

    How does welding affect battery performance? How to design the size? Is it a mature scheme or a new design? Are solder chips easy to solder? Welding time required? Precautions in dip and SMT process? And so on will become the factors that affect your purchase cost and purchase cycle.

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